Payment protection for our worldwide network

Payment monitoring to safeguard our members cash position. As a global relocation the alfa Movers Family is creating a financially secured network environment.

In order to abstain from any disputes between our ALFA Movers Family members, we are offering a Payment Protection Program (3P). The program is developed to assist our ALFA Movers members in solving discussions in an trustworthy and amicable way.


Our monitoring system is standing by daily to assist any delayed payment prior of running into any discussions. We invite our members to report their outstanding payments with their AIM partners as from the moment their invoice is due for payment.

This system is not  software controlled since we feel that an individual  approach  and  personal contact is sim ply too important when a delayed payments is occurring. Each situation can be different to why a particular invoice remains unpaid and software solutions cannot evaluate this situation.

Settling discussions within the network quickly

We do remain cautious by constantly monitoring the volatile state of our industry. This way we ensure high quality membership through a waterproof reporting system.

ALFA Movers will not hesitate to take legal advice and action whenever our highly-valued reputation comes into the danger zone. Looking for additional benefits to join our global relocation network? Consult the advantages of our insolvency insurance.

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