Tailor-made insolvency insurance

US$ 75.000 per member/annum for individual members.
US$ 500.000/annum for the ALFA Movers Family.

The ALFA Movers network is offering their members a tailor made insurance cover in case of protracted default, suspected insolvency or insolvency. In times of global economic instability, securing our members’ payments are one of our main concerns as a logistics network.


Financial cover by insurance, not by a bonding system

The unique ALFA Movers financial security is “NOT” based on a network bonding system…

Our insolvency is supported by an “insurance company”, registered by Lloyds in London and classified by Standard & Poor’s as ” A-” company. As such, we are unique in the networking industry, since none of our colleague networks are offering this today!

Our financial program does not only protect our members against insolvency, but also against:

  • suspected insolvency
  • protracted default
  • bankruptcy

Therefore, it is the most extensive and complete financial program in logistic networking today.

A financial healthy relocation network you can always rely on

In 2013, a colleague forwarding networker released a statement stating they had paid out more than US$ 1 million over a period of 2 years and they were proudly announcing this.

However, at the ALFA Movers Family, we consider this a proof of poor network quality. Statistics show this would be unacceptable within the ALFA Family would be unacceptable!

We want our ALFA Movers members to feel safe while doing business with their fellow network colleagues.

The ALFA Movers Family is the standard for a quality relocations network. Our members need to feel safe and at home together, supported by a diversity of facilities assisting them directly and improving their daily operations.

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