Network members have the choice to invite the ALFA Movers Family for the installation of an Arbitration committee when the cooperation with their ALFA Movers colleagues has reached a status that no further mutual agreement can be found between them.

Installment of the Arbitration committee

After the verdict of the Arbitration Committee

The Arbitration committee is installed by three ALFA Movers members who voluntarily take the responsibility to solve the situation on a neutral and professional basis . The arbiters will origin from three different continents and from different companies. The arbitration will be handled anonymous to the  related parties after they accept their nomination.

When the Arbitration committee has reached a decision, there will be no further appeal possible and the final is applicable .

The verdict taken by the Arbitration committee has to apply with immediate effect to the parties involved. Not respecting the decision wit hin 10 calendar days, after the conclusions of the arbitration have been communicated to all parties involved, could be leading to expelling the concerned ALFA Movers Family member.

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