Please find the ALFA Movers Family principles and code of ethics as follows:

  • Members commit to work closely together in a friendly family atmosphere while respecting each other’s culture, religion and political situation.
  • Members commit to contribute to the goals of the network as outlined in the concept details.
  • Members commit to support the running programs offered by the network (i.e. insurance programs, filing systems, software solutions etc.) as much as possible.
  • Members commit to reply to all freight inquiries within 48 hours, if possible even within 24 hours.
  • Members commit to reply to all sales leads within 72 hours.
  • Members refrain from back-selling to each other’s customers both at country of origin and country of
  • Members commit to honor the rules and regulations set by both the ALFA Movers Family and FIATA in respect of the usage of the house bills of lading offered by ALFA Movers.
  • Members commit to honor the rules and regulations set by the USA Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), The Chinese MoT, the Japanese customs rules, The Mexican and Brazilian regulations as well as regulations from any other national or international shipping, forwarding or maritime association.
  • Members commit to pay their membership fees and any other dues linked to ALFA Movers programs or conferences in a timely manner and not later than 30 days after invoice date.
  • Members commit to attend the annual ALFA Movers Family World Conference regularly.
  • Members commit to reply to emails from the Alfa Movers HQ.

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