Membership regulations

There are no restrictions on becoming a member of the ALFA Movers Family but the applicant needs to have a proven record of experience and knowhow in the industry of removal goods and/or relocations. The applicant’s company needs to be in business for at least 2 years before sending in his application.

All potential members are required to submit a full application as listed on our website, irrespective whether they have been introduced by a fellow member or not.


AIM director will then decide whether the applicant is in compliance with the business standards of the ALFA Movers Family. Companies can only apply for multiple locations in one country, unless otherwise agreed upon by the ALFA Movers Director.

Focus on quality


Thanks to our not-for-profit network structure and philosophy, the ALFA Movers Family is able to put their focus only on quality membership. ALFA Movers does not sacrifice any quality standards in order to add more members to their network… NO… our focus remains on protecting our membership quality.

Moreover, in view of our payment protection program and financial security programs protecting our members against expected bankruptcies, we cannot allow ourselves to accept newcomers who have no proven record of being a reliable forwarding company.

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