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Beside the regional HQ in Europe, the Atlas Movers Family also has a regional office in Asia (Ho Chi Minh City). Our Vice President operating from there has a longstanding proven professional experience in global forwarding and logistics services.


Atlas Global Shipping Line house bills of lading Global trademark

The “Atlas Global Shipping Line” house bill of lading which is offered to all ALFA members were created in 2015 and is a legal document accepted by all bankers on a worldwide scale.

Through the years, the “Atlas Global Shipping Line” became a Foreign NVOCC-registered company in the USA complying with all relevant rules and regulations of the US Federal Maritime Commission.

In the meantime, the Atlas Global Shipping Line bills of lading have officially obtained the necessary certification from the Chinese Ministry of Transport (MoT) and the Japanse customs authorities.

10.000 bills of lading

Currently, over 10.000 house bills of lading are circulating on a worldwide scale each year. As such, the introduction of these house bills of lading within the ALFA Movers Family will definitely promote the network in the future to come.

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